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Calling All Boss Ladies

June 3rd: Pay Yourself First

In this seminar, Molly Stanifer of Old Peak Finance will present some tenets of financial education for women. Participants will:

  • Change your thinking about budgeting
  • Discover how to create a better relationship with money  
  • Leave with a few common benchmarks to remember which can help you start saving and can monitor your progress

Molly has eight years’ experience as a financial advisor. She started her career with Fidelity Investments. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. She has a bachelor’s degree from NC State and a master’s in financial planning and taxation. In 2014, she spent six months with a non-profit in Tanzania, teaching English, business and vocational skills to women. As a Durham Jaycees member, she engages in the community through a variety of local non-profit services. Molly, her husband, and their daughter live in Durham.



July 8: Cultivating your Signature Workplace Style

Getting dressed for work is often our first creative act of the day. Whether you're already the go-to style maven in your workplace, or whether you've worn the same black pants and button-ups for the past decade-- this seminar will provide individualized advice on dressing for the job you have, in a way that highlights your specific personality and your gifts. In this seminar, you will:
  • Take an individual personality/style assessment
  • Learn how your wardrobe can help you face specific challenges in your workplace
  • Explore ways to express your unique personality via your signature style


    Rebecca Kuhns, a physician and boutique owner/stylist, has worked in a wide variety of environments, from academic to business to non-profit, prior to the launch of her boutique. In all those worlds, she has found meaning and practical value in wielding one of the most fun tools at a professional woman's disposal--a work-appropriate wardrobe full of creativity and fun.




    August 12: Invite Mindfulness into your Busy Life

    In this seminar, Mary Grillo, LCSW, Mindfulness Coach and Psychotherapist, will present some techniques to bring a sense of peace and clarity into your hectic life. 

    • Discover how to incorporate medication practice into your everyday life
    • Explore the power of a present-focused mindset
    • Learn techniques to reduce stress and enhance well-being







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