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Style Guide: Stylin' Like it's 1999

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If you're reading this blog and you don't remember the 90s, that's ok. We are most definitely still a store for you.
But this specific post? Maybe not so much.
See, this post (written by Rebecca) is for all our ladies who were regularly shopping for their own clothes in 1999. 
Recently, you all may be looking around the internet and may have some confusion. Things that you associate with the cast of 'Friends' or 'Living Single' are. . .now being worn by all the 20 year olds with a better social life than you? 
It's true-what goes around comes around.  
Without further ado, we present:

Things you thought you left in the 90's that are really 'so 2018'



If you have an eye for trends. . .or, um, eyes. . . we probably didn’t have to tell you this one. Velvet has been going strong just about everywhere.  It's so ubiquitous, I think I even saw velvet booties at Kmart the other week. 

For 2018, we suggest a unique take on velvet: why not a velvet dress with fair-trade hand-embroidered detailing? Step up your casually-sexy-but-ethically-bohemian-cool look at your next party when you show up in this beauty. And we promise, no one will think you are headed to your senior prom.

Velvet dress by Symbology at Liberation Threads
model: Nicole Cranley,
photo: Emily Lyons Wood, Lyons Wood Photography



Again, this is no news to many of you -- but for those of my fellow moms who haven’t yet received the memo:


Yes—we know they were THE  thing to buy in 1997.

Yes, too many pairs have had to be pried from my sticky aging fingers.

And yes. . . I actually still wear low rise pants frequently, because I  love the way they make my silhouette look.

(Feminism is about choice, y'all.)

But what’s really ‘now’?  Take a glimpse at today's celebs and you’ll see. . what we used to call the ‘mom jean’ is long since back. Pros: no worries about flashing your underwear to the world, and they are actually super comfortable! Try on for size:

The Lucy in Bluejay, by Outland Denim

High-waisted denim by Outland, at Liberation Threads
photo: Outland Denim


So, this one flew under even our radar for a while. But it’s true. The item that once used to be a tool of parental overprotectiveness (‘Sweetie, make sure you always wear your fanny pack whenever you travel!’) is now a desired accessory. You think we’re making this up? Check it out:

 Kendall Jenner in Fanny pack

photo: Backgrid     pictured:Kendall Jenner


And for those of you who are craving a model that's a little sleeker, check out this sweet find, handcrafted in Kenya:

photo by Meyelo. Available at Liberation Threads

We hope this guide has helped!--As a final note, here's one more, non-style-related, cultural icon that's endured since you were partying to Prince in your college dorm room:


Oprah at Golden Globes

image: NBC News

If anyone was questioning ‘is it still relevant to love Oprah?’- last night’s Golden Globes speech pretty much settled that. ‘A new day is on the horizon’, indeed. WE ALL  LOVE YOU OPRAH. PLEASE BE OUR PRESIDENT.


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